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Start a cash flowing business on day 1 with our proven business model that we will scale with you


Purchase JUUCE kiosks with Our Specialty Distributors Only Pricing


Place JUUCE charging kiosks At High Traffic Venues & Events


Profit When Guests Rent & Buy Portable Chargers From Your Stations

Kiosks For Every Venue & Event

From local bars, to professional sports stadiums, there is a JUUCE Kiosk equipped for every scenario

JUUUCE Portable Charger Rental Kiosks

Why Our Distributors Love It!

Don't Just Take It From Us...

Kiosks Designed to Maximize Your ROI

Advertising Capabilities

Leverage the digital signage to run advertisements, greatly increasing your income potential

Point of Sale

70% of our rentals come from POS, why consider a kiosk without one?

Waterproof Options

Leverage waterproof JUUCE kiosks to provide charging in outdoor establishments

70% of Our Rentals Come From Point of Sale
Why Consider A Kiosk Without?

Your Revenue Streams

Access the unlimited potential with our calculator

Charger Rentals + Sales

Earn revenue from rental and sales fees for charging with JUUCE. You set the price and keep the revenue.


Upsell with custom station wrapping, branded chargers and promotional digital display content for venues and events.

Management Fees

Charge venue owners, events and sponsors for the use of JUUCE products and services.


Use the HD LED digital signage to source your own paid advertising or get paired with advertisers through JUUCE MEDIA and split the revenue.

Full Business Development and Technical Support

Business Development Support

Includes custom JUUCE emails, web page funnels, venue lead generation, quality marketing materials and 1 on 1 guidance with our business development executives.

Technology Support

24/7 customer support and network monitoring on your behalf from the JUUCE Team for both users and clients within our app, website and partner portal allowing for seamless operations and ease of mind.

Community Support

Our community of trusted partners provides an ecosystem of collaboration and support leveraging best practices and wins across our network to ensure success.

A Turnkey Solution Through Our Proven System

All in one portal to make projects and administrative tasks a breeze!
Dashboard for JUUCE stations to track usage in real-time!
Display any type of content on your screens quickly and easily!
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Calculate Your Potential Revenue

Number of Stations :  [item-267_quantity]

Each location can host multiple charging stations, depending on expected foot traffic and venue size.

Estimated Daily Charging Rentals Per Kiosk:  [item-268_quantity]

Determine the anticipated daily usage of each charging kiosk. For instance, if you predict that 10 individuals will utilize a charging station at a single kiosk daily.

Estimated Revenue Per Charging Rental: [item-279_quantity]

Calculate the average revenue you expect to earn per rental. For example, you might estimate an average payment of $8 per charging session.

Our General Recommendation For Each Location: Bars 1-3 stations | Stadium 2-10 stations | Event Venues 2-8 stations | Mall 2-10 stations

Your Estimated Daily Revenue: [item-296_value]

Your Estimated Monthly Revenue:  [item-302_value]

Your Estimated Yearly Revenue: [item-303_value]


Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :


All charging transactions are linked to a customer’s payment method. If a charger has gone 24 hours without being returned, the purchase price of your choice is charged to them

Our distributors set up the rental and purchase rate, and can change at any time based on performance

We work hard to ensure the time commitment on your end is as low as possible. The stations are plug and play, so the only ongoing maintenance would be replenishing chargers when they are low (roughly once every 6 months)

We will deposit your monthly revenue in the bank account of your choice. You can track performance through our partner portal.

In our experience, the best venues for JUUCE kiosks include Bars, Restaurants, Concert Halls, Stadiums, Public Transportation, Malls, Hospitals, and more!

Each JUUCE Distribution Partner has access to 1 on 1 business support with JUUCE Business Development Executives. Distributors are armed with business development materials including a JUUCE email, web page funnel, business cards, high quality product guide, social media templates, and more!