Never Run Out of Charge at the

Charge your phone on-the-go, anywhere you go

Easy Rent

One click rent and zero-click Return.

Travel Light

No need to worry and carry your charged power banks or charger

Go Green !

'Sharing Economy' for a Sustainable Future


You don’t have to return a power bank to the same exact location. You can return a power bank to any JUUCE stations across the USA.


Every JUUCE Powerbank comes with a lightning cable (iPhone), USB-C cable, and MicroUSB. Our power bank supports most phone devices.


The cost of renting a power bank is affordable and low price. Most phones can be fully charged within an hour. Compared to other charging solutions, JUUCE power banks are one of least expensive.

Go Green with goCharge

As pioneers in the Industry, JUUCE leads the way in cell phone charging innovation and has now launched a line of Solar Powered Charging Stations that are eco-friendly and perfect for outdoor placement and emergency situations.

Keep Everyone Happy & Connected

Perfect Customer Engagement & Branding Opportunity. Whether for your sponsor’s brand or your own, charging stations are a highly-valued amenity that generate brand awareness and customer affinity.

Built to Last, Turnkey Charging Solutions

Sturdy and durable designs, custom branding, fast turnaround and flexible delivery options- backed by 24/7 customer support- make JUUCE the best choice.


Located in the busiest parts of Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virignia.


JUUCE Powerbank uses cutting edge FastCharge Technology which allows your phone to fully charge in about an hour.


Our rental system is based on trust. There is no security deposit required before renting. Enjoy Charging!

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  • Smart charging and discharging circuit
  • IoT enabled
  • Intelligent hardware tracks that prevents it from tampering and damage.
  • BIS|CE| ROHS certificate.
  • Power Requirement – Output: 5V/ 2.1A | Input: 5V/ 2A
  • Battery – High-quality Li-battery with global insurance, 5000mAh


Charge power banks come in snazzy red with 5000 mAH capacity with inbuilt cables in it, which can charge micro, Type c & all iOS devices. The power banks are sturdy enough to handle extreme usage & conditions and are BIS-certified.

JUUCE is dedicated to providing secure and reliable charging solutions that keep guests, attendees and customers fully charged and easily connected at major events and popular venues. We have worked tirelessly to provide The Power to Stay Connected through the widest range of charging solutions and technology. Cell Phone Charging Stations generate goodwill and customer loyalty between visitors in need of a charge and the companies, facilities and brands that sponsor them.

Become JUUCE Charge Venue Your customer wants to stay connected & JUUCE Charge is the most convenient way to keep their phone's charged.

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