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Calculate your potential revenue

Number of Stations :  [item-267_quantity]

Each location can have multiple stations. The number of stations for each venue depends on the expected traffic to the venue and the size of the venue

Estimated daily charging rentals per kiosk:  [item-268_quantity]

Estimate the number of people that will use the charging station in one day at one kiosk. For example, you estimate 10 people will use the station in one day at one kiosk.

Estimated charging rentals revenue per order: [item-279_quantity]

Estimate the average rental price per order that you will be charging. For example you estimate each person will pay on average __ for charging.

Our recommendation for each location: Bars 1-3 stations | Stadium 2-10 stations | Event Venues 2-8 stations | Mall 2-10 stations

Your Estimated Daily Revenue: [item-296_value]

Your Estimated Monthly Revenue:  [item-302_value]

Your Estimated Yearly Revenue: [item-303_value]


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