Cold pressed juices are in other words called slow juicing where you are not damaging the vegetable/fruit as you are pressing it . Because the juice is pressed and not grinded it  doesn’t allow for oxidation to have taken place therefore retaining all nutrients,vitamins and enzymes. As opposed to other juicers, such as the centrifugal machine, that use fast rotating blades creating  a lot of heat which damages  all the goodness in your vegetables.

It has been proven that heat damages the vital enzymes and nutrients that we are trying to extract from the juice in the first place. With cold pressing there is no spinning blade causing no heat or oxidation to occur. This is why cold pressing have a much higher nutrient content. This is the reason our fresh juices only last a couple of days is because we do not alter the natural product whatsoever . We never use additives, colorings or preservatives in our juices.

To get the full benefit of juicing, the product needs to be fresh to give you the benefit of all the nutrients and antioxidents. This makes cold pressed juices the purest, most nutritious and delicious juice one can consume.

Glow Juice
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Refresh Juice
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Big Red Juice
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Rocket Fuel Juice
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Booster Juice
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Vitamin Hit Juice
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