Juice cleanses are the perfect way to detox, and remove all toxins from your body. The nutrients in the juices are enough to keep your body functioning and to give the body more energy. If you are looking to kick bad food habits,a cleanse will give your body an opportunity to rid the bad toxins that remain in your body leaving you with a fresh canvas to start over with. Whatever your reason to cleanse, at Juuce we have you covered. Juicing floods your system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants., which brings countless health benefits. From our beginners cleanse to our more experienced cleanse, there is a cleanse available for everybody.

The benefits are endless both internally and externally. You will start to see your skin get clearer and brighter, your eyes get brighter, your fingernails and hair become much healthier. It is also a great way to kick start a weight loss regime. If you are not ready for a full three day cleanse then head over to our Juice section and you can pick your juices of choice and buy them individually.

Pre-Cleanse – three days prior to your cleanse you should have an intake of at least eight glasses of water daily. In these three days you should eliminate all junk food and any food with a high carbohydrate or sugar content.

During your cleanse you should start every morning with a glass of water and a slice of lemon. You take six juices throughout the day at two hour intervals. All juices will be marked accordingly, eg: day 1, juice 3 etc.

Post cleanse you should start adding solid foods in gradually. Starting by adding fresh fruit and salads and graduating then back in to your normal diet.

Cleanse One

1 Day Cleanse


Cleanse Two

3 Day Cleanse


Cleanse Three

5 Day Cleanse